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Automatic Door Gates

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Automatic doors and gates

FAАC 740 and FAAC 741 actuators. Upgraded electromechanical actuators for FAAC 740 and FAAC 741 heavy-duty sliding gates used for automation of gates with gate leaf weight up to 900 kg. Essential advantage of FAAC 740 and FAAC 741 actuators is use of the branded labricated oil «AVIO» developed by laboratory of the company "FAAC Group". This labricating oil retains its features within the temperature range -20ºC to +55ºC and significantly reduces wear-out of worm wheel teeth and prevents jamming of gear motor while in operation.

FAAC 746 ER actuator. Electromechanical actuator for 746 ER sliding gate (the gate maximum weight is 600 kg) made by FAAC company is ideally suited for vehicle access control in the places with medium and high traffic flow. Due to high use intensity (70%) the actuator 746 can be installed in large residential compounds and marts. Essential advantage of FAAC 746 actuator is use of the branded labrication FAAC OIL «AVIO» developed for climatic zones of Eastern Europe. The actuator steadily operates within the temperature range -40°C to +55°C.

Automatic Doors Gates and Shutters

LOKPAL'S New Automatic Garage Doors is a new product incorporating advanced technology and hi-tech equipment. It is fully humanized design, modernistic & up market in appearance. It is suitable for the garages of high-class homes. The connecting joints and parts are carefully treated by plastic coating. They are aesthetic and fashionable. The balance system and driving system are customized according to the size of your garage door which makes the door work more smoothly, it guarantees a high-quality garage doors and prolongs the lifespan at the same time


  • Hulk Garage doors are fitted with tension springs on both sides with a torsion spring anti-shutdown protection Device. Once the torsion spring is broken, the protection device will prevent the door from falling.
  • Adjustable patented, solid wheel bracket and security tracks to avoid the door from being derailed, so that the door can be safely slide in the ceiling track.
  • The door flaps are specially designed with Anti Hand trap function, so that there is no chance of accidentally " Pinching of fingers" between the hinges.


  • Power supply: 110V/220V
  • Rated power: 115W*2 and 150W*2

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