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Residential Security

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Residential Security

Deccan Security Services (DSS) has been Gujrat premier residential security patrol company. No other company matches our services or personalization.

We provide more than just an officer in a car.

At Deccan Security Services (DSS) we offer you a personalized service that will ensure a feeling of security for you and your family while you are away or home in the middle of the night. From a suspicious noise at 3:00 A.M., to something as common as locking yourself out of your home, we are ready to assist you. As a Deccan Security Services (DSS) client, you will no longer have to relay on the availability of your neighbor or inconvenience a relative. Our service is there all day, everyday.

"Our house has an alarm. I don't really need a patrol service."

Alarm systems are good deterrents to burglars, but who will respond quickly when your alarm is activated? Who will check to see that your home is still secure or ensure that your home is repaired if damaged during an attempted break-in? We can also assist fire and medical responders by granting access to your home. If your alarm is activated, a patrol officer will check your home, inside and out ensuring that you home is secure, reset your alarms and report any problems to you. In the rare case there are signs of suspicious or criminal activities, the police will be notified and our officer will assist with the investigation.

"We see the patrol drive by the front of our house anyway, why should I subscribe?"

Driving by is quite different from the services you receive as a client of Deccan Security Services (DSS). We strive to get to know each of our clients individually. We pay attention to routines such as what cars are normally in the driveway and when the housekeeper or landscapers are expected. Most importantly, we notice differences that indicate you may be away from home. This allows us to provide a level of security that far exceeds a drive-by presence.

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