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Security Supervisors

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Supervises day-to-day activities; provides training, planning, assigning and directing work; appraise performance, rewarding, and disciplining employees; and addresses complaints and resolving problems


Must have a high school diploma. Must have two to five years' experience as a security guard or law enforcement agent with a 2 - year degree in a related field or equivalent work experience .

Security Supervisor Job Description Sample, Duties, and Responsibilities

The security supervisor's job description involves managing various aspects of a security department for a government agency or business. Some of the duties involved with this job include monitoring security equipment, supervising other security staff, like the security guards, assembling, documenting abnormal occurrences on a job site, and training of security teams.

People working as security supervisors are often required to meet with other supervisory employees so as to discuss important security matters with them. Supervisors in charge of security are expected to be organized, have a keen eye for detail, trustworthy, and able to manage others effectively. They can rise to be supervisors after they must have proved their skills and expertise in a lower-level security position. A supervisor may be required to carry a weapon and must obtain legal permission to do so. In some cases, these professionals are required to undergo special training(s) associated with security matters and learn how to perform well on the job.

Generally, their job descriptions are not all the same, this is because the duties and responsibilities of security supervisors vary according to the employer that they work for and the industry they work in. Different employers and industries have different specific security needs for the security team to handle. However, almost all security supervisors are responsible for hiring, managing, disciplining, training, and firing other staff members working under them as the case may be.

Therefore, most jobs of this kind require some amount of detailed record keeping. It is very common for a supervisor to be expected to operate computer programs for gathering data and storing information, as well as for the purpose of monitoring employees. They may also work with technical staff members so as to ensure that computer data is secured and safe. Other tasks they may carry out include operating monitoring equipment and complex security cameras. Some security supervisors patrol the grounds of a business where they are employed while others work in an office setting and monitor events from there.

Often times, a supervisor is required to welcome and greet visitors and also make sure that they are properly accounted for at all times. In case of any security threat, he/she must be ready to direct staff members to take appropriate measures to neutralize such threat. Also, they work with local police departments. Such is particularly necessary when there is a security breech and it is necessary for an outside investigation to take place. In this case, they might be required to divulge sensitive security information to the police in order to solve a crime.

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